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Here is a "brief" rundown on some of the equipment that John Myung uses.
Please take this time to maximize your browser window while the graphics load.

John Myung uses Mesa/Boogie amps and cabinets for his live sound - pictured to the left are some of the Mesa products he uses.

TriAxis Bass system
PowerHouse 1000 cabinet
Bass 400+ amp

This is just the tip of the iceberg, John has a host of midi and other digital "goodies" in his rig that I'll post here as soon as I have them avaiable to me.
The Bass....
Pictures to the right is one of the John Myung Signature series basses. The bass is a Yamaha RBX6JM custom built 6 string bass.

Bass Specs:
This bass features 2 active humbuckers that provide plenty of rumble, punch, and slice with (as mentioned) active master pan, 3 bands of boost/cut.

The body of the bass is an adler body with a figured maple top featuring gold hardware and the awesome Infinity Inlays on the neck (taken from Dream Theater's "Falling Into Infinity" album logo.

This bass is available from Yamaha in 2 colors: Ruby Red (shown) and Turquois Blue and lists for and generally retails for around .

Yamaha RBX6JM
Pictured on the left is the twin brother (or sister) bass to the Ruby Red model pictured above. This bass has all of the exact same features - I thought you would enjoy a picture of the "green" machine as well.

Pictured to the below is a Chapman Stick, John Myung can be heard playing a "Stick" on the opening track of Falling Into Infinity on the song "New Millenium".
Click on the picture (of the Stick) to visit the Chapman Stick website.

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